Jury Town
The Inner Sanctum
The Successor
Kodiak Sky
Forced Out
Shadow Account
The Chairman
The Day Trader
The Fourth Order
The Legacy
Heaven's Fury
Hell's Gate
The Protege
Trust Fund
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Red Cell 7
"Fast-moving, zestful, stirring...full of twists and surprises...compelling characters."
-Los Angeles Times Book Review

"A prolific writer of best-selling thrillers concocts a flat-out page-turner."
-The Seattle Post

"Frey's writing is so vivid and the action so fast-paced you'll want to stick around for the ride."

"Author Stephen Frey enlivens finance the way Patricia Cornwell does forensic science."

"High-stakes power play at its most ferocious level. Read it!"
-Donald J. Trump on The Chairman

"John Grisham meets Robert Ludlum on Wall Street in this fast-paced thriller."
-USA Today on The Takeover
Arctic Fire
Silent Partner
The Power Broker
Ultimate Power

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Andrew Falcon Jr. is the youngest hedge-fund manager to make partner at a powerful investment bank on Wall Street. His career is soaring, and his financial future is secured. But with fortune comes a high price. Just as Falcon thought life couldn't get better, his niece Claire is kidnapped, yet her abductors have no interest in money. They want information. In exchange for Claire's safe return, Falcon must dig deep into his firm's affairs, uncovering secrets worse than he could ever imagine.

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American financial and political powers collide and conspire in a breakneck thriller.