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Dynamic chief financial officer Michael Rose is looking
to add an exciting and profitable new dimension to
energy conglomerate Trafalgar Industries via the major
acquisition of CIS, a global information technology
company. But it’s far from a done deal, thanks to fierce
resistance from CIS, and from certain members of
Trafalgar’s own board, to Rose’s takeover proposal. But
Rose isn’t about to sacrifice his best shot at the score
that could land him in the CEO’s chair. While swiftly
scaling the corporate ladder, Rose has played the big
business power game expertly enough to know he has
the moves to outmaneuver the opposition. But what
Rose doesn’t know is the truth about his latest
adversaries at CIS-that they are linked to an
organization hell-bent on a twisted mission and are
lethal to anyone who stands in their way.

The Order, an ultra-secret shadow government agency,
was founded by high-level administration officials in
reaction to the assassination of President Lincoln.
Nearly 150 years later, the group was galvanized anew
by the worst act of terror ever perpetrated on American
soil-and pushed to dangerous extremes by the specter of fear . . . and the taste of power.
The Order had always been sanctioned to manage national security at all costs, by any and all means, without consequences. But behind the sleek veneer of CIS Technologies, the fourth and newest incarnation of The Order not only maintains the ultimate nationwide surveillance and intelligence-gathering system, but conducts officially licensed covert operations rife with torture and murder-all in the name of freedom. The mission cannot and will not be jeopardized, even if innocent lives must be sacrificed. Unfortunately Michael Rose doesn’t yet realize that his hardball tactics have made him the Order’s number one hard target, and his penchant for playing to win has brought him unwittingly into a deadly duel with an enemy more powerful than he can imagine. In a world where the rule is kill or be killed, Rose’s rep for sealing deals might just seal his fate.
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A Power-Hungry CEO's Latest Adversaries Are Hell-Bent On A Twisted Mission And Are Lethal To Anyone Who Stands In Their Way

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